General Consulting

Part of this movement is to be able to hear you and assist you in any way possible. But it is part of our learning to research and collect data from real life situations. We offer general consulting for those users that are in need of guidance in their teaching practices.

1 on 1

Each individual possess different abilities and skills by nature. Being able to understand each individual separately, without trying to fit them in a specific box, allows us to provide them with what they need to discover and understand how they learn best.

Material Design

We offer genetic and personalized options in all our pre-designed material. But we know that teachers and parents may want to work on specific skills and content that need a bit more of attention. We design printed and digital material.


Throughout the year, we will offer different workshops and seminars intended to teach our users about topics such as learning difficulties, new educational methods and tools, executive functions development, educational technology tools and programs, etc. Nevertheless, we will also offer private training for institutions or individuals outside our pre-set dates.