Think Create Teach


Look at your reality, no matter what it is. Learning is part of it. But more often than desire, learning comes with obstacles and detours. Identifying and understanding our reality will help us create and design a solution.

Teaching parents and educators how to identify the areas of need in our chidlren and students.


Once we have understood our reality, we can design possible solutions and project the necessary outomes. Part of creating is analyzing, identifying, setting apart, and building what we have and what we need.

Teaching parents and educators how to design plans and tools to address their reality.


The application of these solutions is one of the most imporant steps. Apply, observe, learn, improve, and repeat. Learning is an never ending process. No matter how young, old, educated, or uneducated an individual may be, learning continues to be part of our lives.

Teaching parents and educators how to apply tools.

About us...

Welcome to our website, and thank you so much for taking the time to browse through it. We truly hope you find tools that help you on your quest of teaching and learning.

We are two passionate teachers that seek to provide tools and assistance to teachers and parents in the education and teaching of children with learning difficulties.

No matter the kind of education, country, society, or grade level, we have encountered ourselves with the same issue over and over again. Teachers and parents are not qualified to understand and adapt to the different styles of learning. Moreover, they do not have the tools to aid their teaching and address the needs of students and classroom environments.

Ours intentions through our research, work, and creations, are to build, nurture, and spread the knowledge of how our society can create bridges between the new and old, known and unknown, common and particular, but all human and important.

We will be offering the following services:

  • Consulting

  • Material designing (parents and teacher)

  • Seminars, workshops, and webminars.